My Overview And Road Map As A Self Taught Software Engineer.

 The Road To Self  Learning How To Code, An Overview! 

Road Map or structure, is what bothers most about self learning, especially in the field of programming, where a lot of new frameworks and technologies are born everyday and the old known falling behind the lines of favor each day at a speed of flash. Never the less, almost every self learner uses internet to learn, which exposes them to an ocean of information and data including spam and senseless content. Because, as you  can learn anything on the internet, so you can also consume a lot of useless and baseless content which would result into brain-obesity!

So that was the fact i think every aspiring self learner should first realize, and being a blogger and tech savvy for some years, i know some pros and cons already.

But in all i want to learn coding .... and for the very reason of bringing my imaginary creations and ideas to life. Yap! i have a lot of ideas and solutions to daily problems of the world if at all i get the guts and skill set i need. However much considerate about the skillet cause yes i have the guts to stay awake the all night as a software developer as long as am doing something to change the world. so here is my plan so far starting with;



Stacks I Wanna Learn:

These are the very best i would like to give my time to learn,

Web Development , Android Development And Dev Ops. Though i love front end that much as it always flow with my creativity, but being a full stack Dev teaches much and perhaps better.

So i would like to learn technologies like

  • PHP
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript and others like;
  • XML
  • Saas
  • React.js
  • Node.js 
  • Laravell
  • Vue 
  • Expresss etc.

 Add on some Database like;

  • Mongo DB
  • My SQL

And micro libraries like ,

#npm #JQuery #Ajax and more!

I don't want to learn every thing at once either, my main objective is master the implementation of JavaScript both at back and front ends of projects.

And a simple research i made shown that at least any claimed to be programmer should know,

The basics of  HTML mark up to advanced level considering advancements such as XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, Saas , JavaScript and typescript. well these are my ideas for now. I think i will refine my choices to definite later on in my coding journey.

Another thing to know and master is Git and GitHub. These are called version controls which i will also try to make my routine friends.

Not to forget to have some knowledge about computer science, and computing concepts. if at all i didn't have this, the Harvard CS50 free course is highly recommended.

well another thing i will have to learn is about these notorious guys... APIs which are a very recommended must know by experienced developers. Things like consuming an API, or building one as a REST API plus Crud implementation.

after that i would dive to authentication, cookies and security to make sure that i know how to build secure and authentic products that can be trusted by millions.

Then there's MVC which is Model View Controller, important!

Then Algorithms would come in if not in earlier, plus Unit testing or Project documentation.

Then Dev Ops And Deployment or real projects endlessly.

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