Top Developer Tools I Have Found Worthy!

Here are the tools am probably using as a developer. However i will be updating the list as i move on with my to the promised land of a programming prodigy.


Adobe Illustrator:

This the best for designing logos in vector graphics, making illustrations and more. However since it's a complex program it's that big deal to use for beginners, it's ton of features perhaps take a lot of time to master, so for beginners alternatives like inkscape would be better.

Visual Studio Code:

 Well am not yet well versed in how VS code or IDE works, but from corner to corner it's top notch developers tool, highly recommended!

Sublime Text:

 Well again this is top notch tool for editing code with auto completion feature and much more, it's actually my favorite code editor and i would highly recommend it!

Firefox Developer Edition:

 Yep some Devs use Google Chrome but i find Mozilla's Firefox always better a ten times fold, but it's your choice and i always research about best tools to use and i pick which am comfortable with, so you should if you're just beginning these things like me otherwise grown ups i hope you knew this better.


 This tool came like heaven sent to me though by the time am typing this i haven't mastered at least it's 10% and that's because i always have somewhat a very busy schedule all day and all night.

Leap Droid :

Most times than often we all look for the same things on the internet depending on the similarities of our primary interests, i mean don't ever looked for a light weight efficient emulator? if you did or you still do here i discovered it after installing a variety of others like Blue stacks.

Android Studio:

This also my best fit for android projects, say you want to code android apps using java, kotlin or flutter!


Ps: I will update this post over time, as per my code learning journey! 

PS: still editing this post ❤

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